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Optimize your office processes,put an end to rework and profit much more!
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No more delayyour processes and spend extra hours in the office.

QYON Easy Account Managementis an intelligent and fully online solution that makes it possible to capture previously reconciled accounting and tax entries from your client's ERP, importing them directly into your accounting system. This approach eliminates the need for rework, which is characterized by time-consuming manual activities, and avoids rekeying information, minimizing the risk of inaccurately recording data.

Check out the main advantages!

Artificial intelligence

The robot learns and performs tasks for you (Machine Learning)

- You can drag any document onto the robot and it automatically performs tasks and stores


- Registration of customers in batch by text file


- The robot points out which processes it is running via Artificial Intelligence, and sends you notifications of tasks to be carried out, bringing an organized view of the processes

One Click Billing

Invoicing, bills, readjustments and NFSe sent by email to all customers with 1 click

- Invoicing of contracts in one click, being able to send the bank slip, NFSe and e-mail in batch


- Sending slips via QYON Bank or major banks


- Simulation of readjustments, bank fees and total billing. All on one screen!

eSocial Simplified

The robot downloads and launches automatically

- Automatic capture of XMLs after loading the Digital Certificate


- Instant entries in Accounts Payable, Supplier and Product Registration


- Automatic postings for Tax Bookkeeping and Accounting (If integrated into the accountant)


- Importation of XML, NFe, NFCe, CTe, MDFe and NFSe (Provider / Borrower)*


*Check availability Municipality


PIX slip and automatic write-off

- No need to generate shipping and return files


- Lower costs with PIX slip

- Payment of the PIX slip in 6 seconds


- CNAB slips* (through QYON Bank) at a reduced cost.


*Integrated with CNAB slips from the main banks.


Online and Offline Management System

- Electronic Tax Receipt: NFC-e / SAT / MFe issuer


- Cash, Check, Debit Card, Credit Card, among others.


- Integration with barcode scanner


- Integration with scales directly in weighing or by issuing labels in other islands and reading the code at the cashier.


Be mobile and work from anywhere

- You don't need to install. Our solution is 100% cloud.


- Storage on AWS. The most comprehensive and secure platform in the world.


- You also don't need to have maintenance and server costs in your office.

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