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Accounting automation 100% online.
So that you have more time
and agility!

Complete module that
automates the entire process

Manages all Payroll,from employee admission to dismissal. Structured 100% according to eSocial Simplified.

Check out the main advantages!

Importation of SPED Accounting ECD

Agility in migrating from your previous system to QYON Contábil

Just by importing a file generated for SPED Accounting ECD, the system imports the Chart of Accounts, Digitization and Historics.

100% online accounting automation

All automatic, no archive or manual integrations

Accounting Automation in real time with the Payroll and Tax Writing, with complete autonomy of the Accounting Department to carry out the movements, also being able to open and close the periods in a simple and fast way!



Bank Reconciliation Automation

Agility and Accuracy in Bank Reconciliation

Through automation and in a very simple way, it is possible to reconcile all banks automatically, generating accounting entries related to bank statements. For QYON Bank customers, with just one click, you have real-time statements.

Automatic Calculation of Results

Quarterly or annual automation 

At the end of the month, the system blocks typing and calculates the results automatically, on a quarterly or annual basis.

Automation of Asset Depreciation

While you perform other activities, Asset Depreciation is done automatically

Scheduling the date and time to process the Asset Depreciation on a monthly basis.

Smart Registrations

Agility and minimization of errors with information from official government databases

By informing a CNPJ, CEP or CPF, the system consults the official government databases and automatically fills in company data, addresses, names of partners and responsible parties. In addition, the fields are dynamic and requested according to the needs of each situation and have mandatory indicators.

Intuitive and simple parameterization

No difficulties in implementing and parameterizing the system

In a very simple and intuitive way, it is possible to quickly parameterize the system and automate several processes.

Automatic Submission to the Customer Portal

Reliability of customers with Accounting always up to date

At the end of the month, the system automatically sends the Journal, Trial Balance, Balance Sheet and DRE book, according to the option in the Parameters.

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