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Passionate, Engaged and Connected

AQYONis a Tech Company specialized in advanced accounting and business management software, driven by Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Big Data. Our innovative systems are carefully designed to streamline and integrate all the essential processes and departments of your accounting office and company.


We believe in the power of streamlining workflows, transferring information and tasks quickly and securely, increasing efficiency and reliability, redefining the interaction between humans and machines.


Our head office is located in Americana, in the interior of São Paulo, in a modern complex of 8,000m², consisting of two towers equipped with cutting-edge technology, creativity and innovation. At QYON, we have the necessary infrastructure to provide an advanced experience in software, with a robust cloud system provided by Amazon AWS, in addition to a team of highly qualified developers and specialized technical support ready to assist in all situations.


Our essence is guided by ethics and connection. Our Culture is our foundation. We are passionate and engaged in this incredible journey of digital transformation, where our enthusiasm constantly drives us to reach new heights. Together, we transform the lives of our customers, partners and employees.


Welcome to QYON. Don't worry about the complicated way of doing tasks anymore, QYON technology will do most of them for you.

QYON | Business Management Software | Accounting | Business Solutions

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