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QYON | Softwares de Gestão Empresarial | Contabilidade | Soluções de negócios


We create solutions forleverage the developmentyour accounting office

The most complete accounting system on the market that brings together accountants and their clients.


With it, you have a summary of everything that happens to your customers, in real time. In addition, your customer requests services, exchanges information and shares documents quickly and easily with you. Your office routine gains agility and you keep your client well informed and closer. This automated and integrated work offers increased productivity with security and performance in accounting services that will reduce operating costs and increase the quality of services provided to customers.

Sheet, Accounting and Tax connected with Artificial Intelligence.


Manages the entire Payroll, from employee admission to dismissal. With a structure 100% in accordance with Simplified eSocial, real-time calculations and automatic sending of events and much more!


Just by importing a file generated for SPED Accounting ECD, the system imports the Chart of Accounts, Digitization and Historics.

Tax Writing

Guarantee of conformity, with Tables extracted from official databases. The system has all the Official Tables of the Federal and State Government, updated and available for consultation and submission of ancillary obligations.

Accountant and Client sharing documents and exchanging informationquickly and safely!

QYON | Softwares de Gestão Empresarial | Contabilidade | Soluções de negócios

Easy Management count

Optimize your office processes, eliminate rework and earn much more! 

No more delaying your processes and spending extra hours in the office.

OQYON Easy Account Managementis an intelligent and fully online solution that makes it possible to capture previously reconciled accounting and tax entries from your client's ERP, importing them directly into your accounting system. This approach eliminates the need for rework, which is characterized by time-consuming manual activities, and avoids rekeying information, minimizing the risk of inaccurately recording data.

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