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System Complete Business Management (ERP)integrated, simple and easy to use.

Complete financial management costs, expenses and income

We integrate and automateyour company's processes and help you reduce costs, increase productivity and improve collaboration between departments. Thus, your company can have an overview of business processes in real time, facilitating decision-making, improving performance and identifying areas that need improvement.

QYON | Business Management Software | Accounting | Business Solutions

If your accounting office also uses our solutions, you will havethe most complete portal on the market, with fast and secure exchange of information.

Have an ideal solution for your business!


A complete system with control of financial activities, accounting, billing, accounts payable and receivable, asset management, cost control, budgets and financial reports.


Compliance with the procedures and legal requirements of the Ministry of Labor and Employment, and full compliance with eSocial. Suitable for companies of all branches.

Digital Point

Digital Attendance System with employees' appointments online and in real time using cell phones, tablets, computers, regardless of where the employee is located.

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