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Sheet de Payment

real-time calculation,
automatic sending of events
and much more!

Complete module that
automates the entire process

Manages all Payroll,from employee admission to dismissal. Structured 100% according to eSocial Simplified.

With just 1 click

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Employee migration
automatic, directly from eSocial.
0% typing on migration
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Check out the main advantages!

Wsmart adastros

Agility and minimization of errors with information from official government databases

By informing a CNPJ, CEP or CPF, the system consults the official government databases and automatically fills in company data, addresses, names of employees and dependents. In addition, the fields are dynamic, requested according to the needs of each situation and have mandatory indicators.

Configured Rubrics

We configure everything according to the Legislation, with no risk of differences in values

Items parameterized according to the Nature of the eSocial and in compliance with the Labor and Social Security Legislation. When registering a new Rubric, it will inherit the configuration according to its Nature, avoiding failures in configurations and differences in values between Payroll and eSocial.

eSocial Simplified

100% compliant with eSocial

Structure fully aligned with eSocial Simplified, with real-time validations throughout the system and according to layout rules. The system has a Control Panel and status in all routines for monitoring eSocial event submissions and returns.

Automatic Salary Calculation

Your sheet is always ready without manual entries

The Payroll will always be ready for employees who receive a fixed monthly salary, such as: CLT monthly employees, Pro-labores and Interns.

Process Automation

While you perform other activities, the sheets are automatically processed

Scheduling of date and time to process the Monthly Payroll, Advance, 1st and 2nd Installment of the 13th Salary.

Easy parameterization

No difficulties in implementing and parameterizing the system

In a very simple and intuitive way, it is possible to quickly parameterize the system to perform various calculations by Establishments and Unions of different professional categories.

Automated Reports

Automatic Sending of Reports to the Client Panel

At the end of the month, the system automatically sends reports and guides to the customer's panel.

Migration Security

Security and Tranquility

in System Migration

Migration through eSocial BX files: through the official files delivered to the Federal Revenue Service, it is possible to migrate company data to our system and continue eSocial deliveries in a Production environment.

Vacation and Termination Simulation

Reduce customer service requesting simulations of Vacations, Terminations and reports

With a few clicks and in a very simple way, the client can consult and simulate Vacations, Terminations and issue reports through the Client Portal. Simulations are flagged within the system and can be saved or deleted at any time.

Integration with Accounts Payable

Payslips are sent and provisioned automatically

For customers using Gestão Fácil ERP, all payments generated by Payroll are sent directly to Accounts Payable and automatically reconciled by QYON Bank.

Discover our appDigital HR

Convenience at your fingertipswith your payslip accessible from anywhere!


To facilitate and access anywhere.

QYON | Business Management Software | Accounting | Business Solutions
QYON | Business Management Software | Accounting | Business Solutions
QYON | Business Management Software | Accounting | Business Solutions
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