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Produce more,
work less.

The Intelligent management of your
business! 100% Cloud so
you have control of your
company wherever you are.

Being intelligent is using the Qyon Bot Artificial Intelligence ( present in all our systems) and letting it learn and perform routine tasks for you. This automation will greatly accelerate your work process to allow you to make the necessary decisions without wasting time.
The Qyon Bot is your super productive assistant wherever you are.

Automate your service management with the integrated quality administration indicators of service and work provided. The solution also has a Sales Module to improve the conversion of opportunities into new customers and have greater control of the sales cycle.

Besides all that, we have a
digital account to make
everything safer
and practical.

Super secure electronic punch clock control for employees’ check-in and check-out times.
Have access to information in
real-time. It's all in the cloud.

Qyon has everything your business needs