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QYON bank

Combine technology and security to
make your daily life easier

Uncomplicating is the easiest way to be relevant.

And when we talk about finance, if we are relevant, it is because we are on the right path.


Qyon Bank, your Smart account. In one click you can find everything you expected in a digital bank.


Our mission is to combine technology and security in financial operations, to make everyday life easier for people and companies.


Taking care of our customers and developing facilitating tools constantly moves us.


We are fascinated by technology and the development of integrated solutions. All transactions carried out on the QYON Bank platform can be integrated into QYON management systems, making their reconciliation quick, easy and secure.

At home, at work
or inanywhere!

Take advantage of all the advantages of your digital account. Download our app now and start using


PIX slip

Bank reconciliation

Reduced cost

Movement Chart



Card Ombudsman

0800 701 0412


0800 5918720

Service on weekdays from 9am to 6pm

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